Original Canned Air from Prague, Czech republic

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The "AIR from PRAGUE" is becoming a very popular souvenir and gift from Prague, Czech republic. We are offering an original product,  a middle-sized can filled with the spirit of the city, a piece of world heritage. Whether you are visiting or trying to save the good memory of your trip, this is a great gift for anybody.

Each can is 88 mm (3,46 in) high and86 mm (3,38 in) in diameter.
The design of the label is simple and clear, clear as the morning sky over the Charles Bridge on  sunny summer morning. We carefully collect the air from the most popular places in the city.

Air Contains:
20% - air from Wenceslas Square
20% - air from Charles Bridge
25% - air from Old Town Square
15% - air from Prague Castle
10% - air from Lesser Town
10% - air from Zlata Street.

The chemical composition of Prague Air is roughly the following:

Air contains:  Nitrogen - N2 - 78.084% Oxygen - O2 - 20.9476% Argon - Ar - 0.934% Carbon Dioxide - CO2 - 0.0314% Neon - Ne - 0.001818% Methane - CH4 - 0.0002% Helium - He - 0.000524% Krypton - Kr - 0.000114% Hydrogen - H2 - 0.00005% Xenon - Xe - 0.0000087% Ozone - O3 - 0.000007% Nitrogen Dioxide - NO2 - 0.000002% Iodine - I2 - 0.000001% Carbon Monoxide - CO - trace Ammonia - NH3 - trace
please mind, that the formula changes due to the season, time of day and general factors, which we cannot influence.

The product is 100% organic. Fresh air from Prague relieves stress, cures homesickness
and helps fighting nostalgia. It is made by careful hands in the heart of the city. All descriptions on the can are in English. 
Cans with inscriptions in Czech, Russian or other languages are  available.

Delivery time: 5-7 working days (Europe), 7-14 days (USA, Canada), 7-21 days (rest of the World)

Get yourself a piece of the City to remember. 
Feeling down? Got the blues? 
Buy a whole box of Air and open the cans whenever you feel sad, remember the atmosphere, marvelous time you spent in Prague and feel better. 
 Never been to Prague? Order your can online and begin your journey while still at home!

The Air of Prague is also a great gift for your friends and family. Forget the magnets, cups and plates. Bring home something everybody will love and ask questions about, and if anybody is suspicious, just open the can and let them feel the spirit of a  thousand years old ancient city.